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NPM Package


This version is currently in development and may have unforeseen and/or untested bugs. If you find any, please, open up an issue / pull request, so we can make bloxy better together

A powerful Node.JS module that lets you interact with the Roblox Web API easily, fast and reliably. - It is object-oriented (OO) - It's got great documentation - Predictable method -and property names - Highest coverage of the api of all the other modules on NPM!

Getting Started

Bloxy has 5 dependencies:

  • got - To handle the HTTP requests (bloxy allows your own)
  • lodash - For various purposes
  • signalr-client - To connect with the WebSocket endpoints
  • tough-cookie - For everything cookie-related
  • tslib Necessary with built TypeScript projects :)

Make sure you are able to install each one of these packages, as they are all vital to the functionality of this module!


To be able to use bloxy, here's what you need to know:

  • some knowledge of OOP and how it works
  • knowledge about JS
  • a computer


Installing bloxy is easy! Simply enter the following command, and you should be good to go👍

npm install bloxy --save

Installing the dependencies may take longer!


Please, before making an issue or pull request, please make sure you have done this already: - Made sure there are no similar issues / PRs like this - if so, rather give them a comment! - Asked for help in the Roblox API Community - Sometimes, even the best of us need help. - (Issues only) Follow the style / template as shown in example-issue - Consistency works!


Check out below for some examples of how to use bloxy!

Logging in
With cookies
// In an async environment
const bloxy = require("bloxy");
const client = new bloxy.Client({
    credentials: {
        cookie: "cookie"

const authenticatedUser = await client.login();
console.log(`Logged in as ${}`) // --> "Logged in as X"
Giving a user a certain role
const bloxy = require("bloxy");
const client = new bloxy.Client({
    credentials: {
        cookie: "cookie"

await client.login();

const group = await client.getGroup(3544434);
await group.updateMember(
    321, // User id
    123 // Role id


  • Sentanos - For helpful solutions and ideas - roblox-js


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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