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Module: client/apis

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Type aliases


Type aliases


Ƭ APIs: object

Type declaration:

Name Type
accountInformationAPI default
accountSettingsAPI default
adConfigurationAPI default
adsAPI default
assetDeliveryAPI default
authAPI default
avatarAPI default
badgesAPI default
billingAPI default
captchaAPI default
catalogAPI default
chatAPI default
contactsAPI default
dataAPI default
developAPI default
economyAPI default
economyCreatorStats default
engagementPayouts default
followingsAPI default
friendsAPI default
gameInternationalizationAPI default
gamesAPI default
generalApi default
groupsAPI default
inventoryAPI default
itemConfigurationAPI default
localeAPI default
metricsAPI default
notificationsAPI default
otherAPI default
premiumFeaturesAPI default
presenceAPI default
privateMessagesAPI default
publishAPI default
thumbnailsAPI default
tradesAPI default
translationRolesAPI default
twpStepVerification default
usersAPI default

Defined in: client/apis/index.ts:43



default(client: default): APIs


Name Type
client default

Returns: APIs

Defined in: client/apis/index.ts:85