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Module: client/apis/OtherAPI

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Type aliases

Type aliases


Ƭ GetUserProfileHeader: object

Type declaration:

Name Type
AreFriends boolean
CanBeFollowed boolean
CanMessage boolean
CanSeeFavorites boolean
CanSeeInventory boolean
CanTrade boolean
FollowersCount number
FollowingsCount number
FriendRequestPending boolean
FriendsCount number
HeadShotImage object
HeadShotImage.EndpointType Avatar | string
HeadShotImage.Final boolean
HeadShotImage.RetryUrl string | null
HeadShotImage.Url string
HeadShotImage.UserId number
IncomingFriendRequestPending boolean
IsFollowing boolean
IsUserOnPhone boolean
IsVieweeBlocked boolean
IsViewerBlocked boolean
LastLocation string | null
MayEdit boolean
MayFollow boolean
MayImpersonate boolean
MaySendFriendInvitation boolean
MessagesDisabled boolean
PreviousUserNames string
ProfileDisplayName string
ProfileUserId number
ProfileUserName string
UserId number
UserPlaceId number | null
UserPresenceType EnumUserPresence
UserStatus string | null
UserStatusDate string | null

Defined in: client/apis/OtherAPI.ts:9


Ƭ GetUserProfileHeaderOptions: object

Type declaration:

Name Type
userId number

Defined in: client/apis/OtherAPI.ts:6